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Top 10 Funny Google Search Suggestions

What would you say the best invention of all time is? The light bulb? The car? Maybe the Sega Genesis? - it was a pretty sweet console. Although all of these come close, nothing is more powerful and a better invention than Google. Period! We all visit the search engine daily, right? From... Read More

Google, This is Clearly What I Wanted

Apparently, there are approximately 2 billion searches done a day using Google - 15% of which have never been done before. This means most of us have information that we wish to find on a daily basis. Google wishes to provide you with this information as quick and as stress-free as possible,... Read More

DMX Refuses To Learn How To Google

If I asked you to search for something on the Internet where is the first place you would head?  Google, obviously. Unless you are one of those weird Bing people.. don't even get me started on the crowd. But if your name is DMX, not only do you not understand Google, you don't even...

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Facebook To Go Public At $100 Billion As Early As Wednesday

Social network monstrosity Facebook will being it's IPO as early as Wednesday and will end with a value between $75 billion and $100 billion.  Facebook has been on the rise since it's inception and there has been no stop to the snowball effect it's had on the world. With astonishing...

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Bamboozled by Google

Google announced on Tuesday that each of their services, Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, etc., will be constantly tracking information from their users like emails, searches, blogs and other information that would cater specifically to simplify the user’s experience for the purpose of personalizing...

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Google Aiming To Change The Money Game

The U.S. is all about modernizing and minimizing, as evidenced by the rapid growth of technology over the last fifty years.  Just think about it: cell phones in the 90s were clunky and could only make calls; now we walk around with mini computers in our pockets that connect us with people...

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