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Man With The Best Job In The World: Safety Officer At Topless Female Trampolining World Championships

There certainly is no better job than that of the health and safety officer for the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships.  Regardless of it's fictional status Chris O'Dowd had (for the shooting of this video) the best job in the world. This is a PSA from the charity... Read More

Mashup: Sign Language Anti-Masturbation PSA And R Kelly's ‘Ignition' (VIDEO)

R. Kelly really wants deaf people to stop masturbating.  Not really but thanks to this more than amazing mashup of 'Ignition' and a sign language anti-masturbation PSA that's what it seems like. Enjoy! *those are some dirty hand gestures... Read More

Public Service Announcement: Don't Be This Guy

In my travels to find all of the world’s best things, ($1 Cumberland Farms Hot Dogs at 2 am, legendary, creepy townies at local VFW’s and more importantly a successful date on eHarmony) I have recently discovered that I cannot find a way to defeat a story-topper. Yes, a story-topper, we all...

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