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Movie Review: “Dom Hemingway” - An Unworthy Vehicle For A Crazed Jude Law

Pictured above are Jude Law and Richard E. Grant in “Dom Hemingway” I’ll admit it: just based on the conception, I believed that “Dom Hemingway” could have been a nasty little slice of the crime thriller/comedy genre. But, even after an opening scene that has the titular character talking...

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“Oculus” Is A Slow-Burn Take On Haunted Mirrors

Pictured above is Alan Russell (Rory Cochrane) as he grapples with his wife, Marie (Katee Sackhoff) I never really knew what was so scary about mirrors. I mean, yeah, of course I'm scared of a mirror when all it reflects is my hungover and disgruntled self on a Sunday morning, but it takes some...

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Want To Understand The Internet? Understand Memes (VIDEO)

GGG, Success Kid, Doge, Paranoid Parrot.... Don't have a single clue what we're talking about? Well, you must have a life and not ever go on the Internet because we are of course talking about some of the most popular memes on the Internet.  Here are a few you may be able to use in every day...

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Where's the wildest place you've had sex?
In an elevator
In a car
On the beach
In an airplane
In bed (sad face)
Total votes: 26