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Movie Review: "The Railway Man" Is A Tearjerker

There’s something seriously wrong with someone who calls “The Railway Man” something along the lines of a generic tearjerker. I’ve heard it and seen it referred to as that in a few reviews, and these critics really couldn’t be more wrong. Even with generic filmmaking, generic acting, and even a...

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An Interview With Patti Lomax & Andy Paterson Of “The Railway Man”

The only way you’d ever be prepared to see the new 2014 film “The Railway Man” is if you’ve read Eric Lomax’s 1995 autobiographical novel of the same name. Upon seeing the film, I had not, which made for a jarring experience indeed.  “The Railway Man” recounts British World War II veteran...

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Where's the wildest place you've had sex?
In an elevator
In a car
On the beach
In an airplane
In bed (sad face)
Total votes: 26